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Pass the saltines and Sprite
Snakes on a Sora - (PART ONE) 
5th-May-2006 04:41 pm
Silence Idiot User
(This is another of those massive sporkings that require multiple posts to fit in. This is the FIRST PART. PART TWO IS HERE.

Before we even get started, I'd like you all to click and read the WIki article linked if you don't recognize the word: Naga and Vore.

Everyone done that? Everyone got their O___o;; faces on? Good.

This was all lynxgriffin's idea. She said to me that she wanted to spork a Kingdom Hearts vorefic, I said if she really wanted to I could find one (If she REALLY REALLY WANTED TO), and...well, she did, so I did, and we did, and here we are. (Lynx now looks shamefully on this desire and regrets it from the dark sludgy depths of her internet terrorist soul). I can't...I really can't explain this Kingdom Hearts vore thing and keep what's left of my sanity intact, so all I'll say is that if the idea of vore disturbs you--DON'T READ. This fic is thirty pages of uninhibited, poorly written lurid kink fodder starring creatures masquerading as Kingdom Hearts characters. Those of you with trainwreck syndrome may now progress on to the sporking. May God have mercy on your mortal soul.

Title: Naga Eyes (Note! This fic is archived at ygallery, so the fic will only be viewable if you're a member and if you have your filters set to include this category of content).
Author: wishing4mywings
Full Name (including any titles): A RAPED Destiny Islands cast plus Yuffie, and Naga!Riku
Full Species(es): Sora's a human, but Riku is a bloody motherfucking naga.
Hair Color (include adjectives): Canon, but purpleified.
Eye Color (include adjectives): The same, except for Kairi's eyes being purple randomly.
Unusual Markings/Colorations/Physical Features: ...Hoo. Sora is normal, but Riku is A MOTHERFUCKING GIANT SNAKE. He has claws, fins, pointy ears, a forked prehensile tongue, and a lower half thet's a "poison green" snake. He is also occasionally bioluminescent for some inexplicable reason.
Special Possessions (if any): Shuriken of +9999 Improbability

Origin: I don't even want to think about it.
Connections To Canon Characters: All of them except Riku pretend to be them. Riku...I just don't know. Supposedly he is Riku, just the snakey version thereof.
Special Abilities: Riku is extraordinarily strong (as compared to mere humans) and capable of eating said humans. Sora is multiorgasmic.
Other Annoying Traits: If I even begin listing them, I'll be here forever.

I Say/Notes: THIS IS SOME FREAKY SHIT. I cannot emphasize this enough. It will break your goddamn brain. Please exercise PRUDENCE in clicking the links. Please. For my sake. I don't mean to kink-bash but...well, this is scary stuff, no ifs, and, or buts. It's also incredibly pretentious, poorly researched, reeking of fangirlism, full of improbable sex, unbetaed and unedited, horribly OOC, and just all-around mindrapey.

ALSO: Though there are no real KH2 spoilers, a KH2-exclusive character is a member of the sporkteam. So...so heads-up.

WARNING AGAIN: This has rape, BDSM, nagas, and holy-mother-of-god vore. Minors, little old ladies, the faint of heart, and all sane people in general please to not be clicking this. You will merely have your frontal lobes abused.


*Our curtain opens on the same theater, except this time, it seems decked out in neon grids and electric lines. Kairi and Axel are already sitting in the front seat, looking thorougly unsettled. Sora and Riku walk in and seat themselves between them, glancing at the new decor with confusion.*
Riku: What's with this getup?
Sora: And it looks oddly familiar...
Axel: Don't even ask.
Sora: So have we popped popcorn yet? I missed breakfast this morning.
*Kairi pulls out a few packages of saltine crackers and cans of Sprite*
Kairi: No popcorn today. We get saltines and Sprite.
Sora: *takes the snacks, confused* How come?
Kairi: It's better for your stomach.
Riku: Is there something about this fic you're not telling us?
Axel: *tosses him the script* See for yourself. Damn good thing I'm not in it!
*Riku scans the pages, his eyes growing steadily wider*
Riku: Ohhhhh no. Nonononononononono. Nuh-uh. Absolutely not.
Sora: What? What is it?! *he snatches up the pages and looks himself. His eyes also grow wide*
Riku: There is absolutely no way in any of the hells on ANY of the worlds out there that you will possibly make me sit through this. I'm quitting now.
*Riku gets up to leave*
Sora: *tosses the pages over his head* And I'm right behind you!
*Sora sprints up after him, and they both run for the door*
Kairi: Uh...wait a second...
Riku: You're not making ME a part of anyone's twisted fantasies! I'm out of here!
*Sora and Riku try to wrench the door open, when a booming, electronic voice interrupts them*
Sora: *gawks* The MCP?! What the heck happened to Cid?
Riku: You can't keep us here!
Sora: Hey, I can handle lightcycles! Bring it on!
Sora and Riku: *immediately return to their seats*
Axel: Told you so.
Kairi: Axel and I already tried to escape. Twice.
Sora: *slumps into seat* I think Tron and I will be needing to do some "deleting of hostile programs" when I'm through with this.
Riku: I thought you guys already defeated the MCP.
Axel: *scratches chin* Well, considering Vexen, Marluxia and all those guys were able to show up, I'd say anything's possible.

The world could never look more different than through the eyes of an innocent.

Axel: We'll see how long that lasts.

Everything was simple,

Kairi: And clean, is the way you're making me feel tonight...
Riku: *pulls out ipod* I'll be listening to the soundtrack, if anyone needs me.
Riku: *grouch*

everything was known and perfect and filtered through thick beams of sunny light that shown through the thick cloud of leaves overhead.

All you had to worry about was whether or not the moon would be shining at night, perfect for a midnight stroll and picking up stray seashells that had yet to be enveloped in the approaching tide waters.

Kairi: Aww, come on. Aside from gerund abuse, that's kinda nice.

The best surprise of all was testing just how cold the ocean was with bare feet during the middle of the summer, the results sending children squealing and scampering away before the tiny waves had the chance to lap at their ankles, just to rush forwards again.

Kairi: *squints* The purple run-on's starting to get in the way, though...

The most wonderful taste was that of sweet honeysuckle on your tongue from the stem of a nimble yellow flower that swayed it's alluring perfume over the wafting breezes on the small island.

Axel: ...Of Destiny Islands which is a world somewhere on the north side of the galaxy just left of Disney Castle and some other world which is in the universe which is...
Kairi: ....Honeysuckle on a tropical island.
Riku: Are you asking the author to do actual research?
Kairi: Oh, right.
Sora: That's--that's all one sentence?!

Meals were best eaten outside, the smell of cooking fish mixed in with the sweet tang of tropical fruits the strongest and best smell any of them could hope for, and giving them a warm feeling of contentment.

Sora: *squints* I get the vague sense there's supposed to be a period, or...something in there...
Axel: I've got this sudden urge to go buy a t-shirt from Engrish.com right now.

It was a paradise planted firmly in their own backyard, in their range of vision and theirs to grasp in their hand as the sands of time fell into their control, and they spread the time around them into a home, a place no one would ever want to leave.

Because through the eyes of an innocent, nothing could ever be different, and they earned to sculpt the sand into lives of their own, forever surrounded by their own time.

But the innocent could not stay innocent forever.

Sora: Yes. Yes I CAN. *clamps hands over ears*

And eventually... one began to wonder...

Riku: ...Just exactly what kind of crack this author was smoking, and why she wasn't sharing.
Axel: *look of disgust* None of that crack for me, thanks.

...as their time sculpted paths out for them, across the ocean, and twisting deep into the horizon where time no longer existed.

Kairi: That is amazingly pretentious and purpley. But exactly what does it have to do with the story?

Deep beneath the azure skies and into the eyes of a teenaged boy.

Naga Eyes

Sora: *cocks head* ...I have what eyes?
Kairi: That's the title.
Riku: *goes pale*

"C'mon, Sora, we're gonna be late!"

"Tidus... how can we possibly be late? We have all day!"

"Yuffie said to meet her at noon!"

Sora: Hold up, Yuffie's not there. Is she? Is this Traverse Town or Destiny Islands?
Axel: It's the lowest ring of hell.
Riku: No wonder it's so damn cold.

Sora meets up with Tidus, who asks if he wants to go to the play island. Sora is uncertain, and lengthy description of boredom, emo-ness and scenery follows.

Biting his lip, the fourteen-year-old looked around. Many of the kids were already on the play island, along with Tidus and Yuffie. But lately, it seemed to the brunet that everyone was getting too excited over the dumb island. Or was it just his lack on enthusiasm?

Axel: We have a GRAMMAR CRISIS.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well, whatever it was, all Sora knew was that he didn't want to go. He wanted to run as fast as he could to the opposite end of the island, the one shrouded in mystery, the one that could only be seen when you stood on Paopou Island as exactly seven 'o' clock, when the sun hit the islands just right on it's journey to below the horizon.

Kairi: This is...what, the fourth time we've called bull on something in this fic? In the first two pages?
Axel: It's only going to get worse from here on out.

The place barely anyone escaped with all of their limbs intact.

It was a place everyone was forbidden to go...

Sora: I'm going to go shred my passport now.

Sora contemplated this as he got into his boat, a thought he often mulled over in times when he drifted back in to a routine that no longer interested him and became as natural as breathing. Like rowing to the play island, which was what he was doing now.

Riku: Yes. Go to the play island. Stay faaaar away from the island of evil!
Sora: Geez, this fic makes it sound like I'm trapped in Groundhog Day.

The waves licked at the sides of his boat, sloshing and churning beneath him as he struck his oar into their well-known depths. Exactly one mile and twenty feet deep. Something he'd learned in school.

Kairi: A MILE deep? Just by the shore?!
Axel: You know, it would really help if he went to a school that taught, well, FACTS.

But that wasn't the only thing he'd learned in school. He'd also learned about one of the deadliest, most fascinating creatures he'd ever heard of...

The naga.

Riku: ...NO.
Kairi: Naga? You mean like Sesha, whose thousand mouths sing the praises of Vishnu for all eternity?
Axel: Nope, they mean naga, the voretastic fangirl sextoy.
Riku: Noooooo...*weeps*

Sora goes into a long thought process on how there is a tribe of nagas living on the other side of the island. Tales are told about them being...well, naga-ish, which naturally piques Sora's curiosity. Riiiight. He's contemplating going to said island when, le gasp, a plot point pops up...

"WAH!" Sora cried in surprise, stumbling backwards across the sugar-white sand, his head ducking backwards. Several silver blurs flew over his face, but he hadn't had the chance to escape several of the pointy things lodging into his hair.

Riku: I think you were just attacked by a cactuar.
Sora: Wait, I thought that was just a gummi ship model!

Ugh.... shuriken.

Sora: Yuffie? Throwing that at my face?
Kairi: She's not that dumb! Especially if she's a ninjutsu master!

"Yuffie!" Sora growled, indignant, scraping at his hair as to remover the pointy throwing stars before any could poke into his scalp. He was rewarded with a sharp poke to the finger as a pointy end dug into the pad of his thumb. He yelped.

Kairi: You know, if she threw shuriken at Sora, they would NOT lodge in his hair. They would lodge in his skull. And he would be dead.
Sora: That sounds beautifully quick and painless. *wistful sigh*
Riku: What are you using to spike that hair, cement?
Axel: You know, I think it's possible...
Sora: *eyeroll*

"Hold on, hold on!" he heard a bubbly voice laugh. Looking up through his brown bangs, he saw Yuffie jogging over to him, face split with a wide, amused grin. "Sorry about that, Sora! Just showing the others my new trick... guess I kinda missed, huh?"

"No, you think?" Sora muttered sarcastically, but it went unnoticed by the enthusiastic teen as she borrowed in his hair for her missing throwing stars.

Kairi: Someone get her a beta reader!
Axel: Better yet, someone get her a shrink.

"Heehee, you shoulda seen the look on your face!" she was laughing. But Sora was too busy wincing and hissing in pain as she continued to yank at his hair.

"Was, Yuffie, be a bit more careful, would you!?"

Kairi: ...Hunh?
Sora: *scratches head* I--I got nothing. What am I trying to say there?

"Aw, suck it up, Sora!"

Axel: Yeah, Sora! Only wusses cry at getting sharp pointy objects thrown at their head!
Sora: I can deal with that, if one of my friends isn't doing the throwing!

And then, someone finally decided to take pity on him.

Kairi: Not the author, that's for sure.

"Here, let me help," Kairi said, walking towards them from the edge of the forest. Looking up, Sora spotted the redhead making her way from their group of friends who stood by the waterfall that sprouted out from the thick cloud of trees that lay submerged in the ground at the middle of the island.

Axel...Which was close to Destiny Islands, a lush paradise in a world separated from all the others by gummispace, located in the universe....
Kairi: I would be much happier about what seems to be a reasonable appearance if it weren't in the middle of another one of those stupid geography run-ons!

The girl wore a red skirt today, and it was loose at the bottom so it flowed freely around her knees. Her feet were bare a tiny silver toe ring adorned her middle toe, an anklet around the opposite ankle.

Kairi: *gapes*
Axel: Somebody's stolen a period! Or maybe a semicolon?
Sora: Probably one of your stupid Nobodies.

Her white tube-top had a tiny black heart decal over the left breast of her shirt. A thalasa necklace hung around her necklace, a paopou-shaped silver charm dangling from the center of it.

Axel: You can put in an action verb any time, you know. No, really. They don't bite.

Her red hair was tied up behind her hair with a few loicks of auburn bangs handing in her face, and gently brushing over her violet eyes.

Kairi: Loicks?
Sora: *examines* ...Nope. Blue eyes!
Riku: Oh, but only Sora can have those "innocent blue eyes that reflect the sea and the sky and INNOCENCE." *scoffs*
Axel: Oh, so you read ahead in the script?
Riku: ....what.

Kairi removes the rest of the shuriken from Sora's hair, apparently there being three or four in there. His friends have a good laugh. They ask Sora to join them for a play date, but Sora complains that paradise is boring and he wants to go elsewhere. This is apparently a BIG NO-NO FOR ALL, as they get angry and leave.

And the brunet just watched them go, feeling even more desolate inside then he had before.

Axel: There's really nobody to blame for that but yourself.

Sora wasn't aware of what he did next. He wasn't aware of anything anymore. He just let his body carry him wherever it wanted him to go. Because his mind was already raising far off into the horizon, ahead into time and away from this place.

I want something new.... different....

Axel: Pay close attention kiddoes. This is a hallmark trope of vorefic. You see something like this, you should run the hell

Sora: *slump* I would if I could.

Waves lapped furiously at the boat, nothing but a turmoil of rough blues as their sharpened edged slashed at his bare skin. The wind roared, sending tendrils of salty water sloshing over the boat's wooden sides.

Axel: It's the Sea of Emo.
Kairi: I'm seeing shades of 'The Old Man and the Sea' here.
Sora: So I'll just catch a giant marlin, sharks will eat it, and I'll go home and be a Christ figure?

I place where things will never be the same again....

Sand scoured his bare ankles and exposed shins, blown by an angry gust of sea air. The blue sky taunted the weather with fake cheer as it shown down on his sour mood and hunched figure. His sandaled feet flopped across the beaches, his boat alone and orgotten, lying untied at the docks and slowly starting to float away down the shore line.

Sora: Noooo! Come back, boat!
Kairi: It's the dreaded Point Of No Return.

A place where I can be different.... Where I can't ever be the same....

Birds scattered in the air in his wake as he stormed down the dusty sands. Fat leaves slapped at his legs, stingy roots tangling at his feet as the beaches grew more wild. He stepped through a rotted wooden barrier, ignoring how unfamiliar his surroundings were. Because he didn't care where he was.

He only cared about where it would lead him.

Sora: ..........Huh?
Kairi: You didn't care where you were...only where it would lead you...*trying to wrap brain around this*

A new place... a new home... a new me...

His pace hadn't slowed any. The sand seemed to be growing rougher and small twigs were embedded within it now. The sounds of crashing waves from the ocean to his left was growing louder and louder, barreling into the jetty of rocks that punctured the sea.

Please... a place where I can be appreciated... a new home... a new place...

...a new face.

And so lost was Sora in his own little wistful daydreams, he didn't see the coiled object in his path.

Riku: He didn't notice a huge-ass snake right in front of him?

Until his foot lodged under it and his inertia brought him forward...

...and tumbling through the sands of time and into the rest of his life.

Sora: The rest of my life being painfully brief!
Riku: ...Are you done yet?

A world I can dream in... without time dragging me down....

Kairi: A world of horrors beyond your mortal imagination.
Axel: AH HAHAHAHAhaha...okay...I think I'm okay now...

Invigorating, no? All of the heinous kinky horror is still yet to come, so click on with trepidation, or whatever Engrishful warning you'd like me to use.

15th-Aug-2009 10:46 pm (UTC)
This is really old, and I'm not sure if this lj is even still in use given how things tend not to last on the internet. Still, regardless if anyone reads this, I'm going to speak my piece.

Sporking is funny, really. I have a sense of humor, and I'm the short who loves to watch movies with friends and make sporking-ish comments. However, I do want to say something.

I love this fanfiction, and to me it's one of the best stories and must hot stories there is. The reason is, I like vore. I can't help that I like vore, but I like it. No one chooses their kink, and I guess the general saying is, your kink is not my kink, but that doesn't make it bad. Now, I know you're not attacking vore, or people who like it. You just think this fic is really bad.

I'll admit, the characters are so out of character and it's so AU, that it probably would work better as an original story. All the author would have had to do is change the character names, and develop them a tiny bit more. Not terribly more, I mean it's mainly PWP, but a bit. However, I understand why they chose to do at fanfic. Mainly, I suppose, do aesthetic reasons. The idea of Riku/Sora was hot to them, just because of the way they look. Honestly, I'm not into Kingdom Hearts, so I don't really get that, but hey that's what they like. So they insert those characters, who they find attractive, into their story.

To me, the story itself, is really good, in fact it's the best story for what it is. A vore story.

I'm a girl, and I like vore. Most people who like vore are guys. Or perhaps it's just that most people who know they like it, know what it's called, and write about vore, are guys. So, let me give you a taste of how most vore stories start.

Here's the first sentence of three different vore stories.

"Sophie, the bright, bulging Asian girl, subject of many of her town’s chubby-chasers’ desires, came walking up to her house at around noon."

"Lisa Copper is 38 years old. She’s 5’4, has purkey red lips, and her breast size is a size 30 DD. "

"Sarah looked at her body in the mirror. Her DD cup bra proudly showed off her big breasts, while her tight panties showed off her nice but."

These are the beginnings of three different stories, by three different authors, and good example of what most vore stories are.

Most vore stories start simply are. Generic female had dd breasts gets eaten, or eats someone. There is no characterization, and no plot or emotion involved, and they are all horribly written. Seriously, starting with character's name and physical description, you never start a story like that.

Compare those first sentences with this one

"The world could never look more different than through the eyes of an innocent."

That's a much better story opener, and the main character does have some development. He's dissatisfied with his life, he wants something new, and to feel like he belongs somewhere, to find his place. He meets a person, who at first wants to use him, for sex and food, but the person does feel a connection to him, and ends up wanting him as more. There's emotion between the two characters.

In most vore stories, there's no emotion or characterization. The "characters" are just generic big breasted women, little more than objects. This story was emotional, it made the reader (or at least me) worry if the main character would survive, and be glad when he did.

I also, just want to say, that for girls, it's hard to have this fetish, because there is nothing for us. Most art is made by guys and for guys (big breasted women each people) and most stories written by guys, are like I said, beyond bad.

(this continues)
15th-Aug-2009 10:46 pm (UTC)

So yeah, the fic is purple prose, and as a fanfiction it's not that great. However, as a vore story it's wonderful. As someone who has that fetish, it pushes all the right buttons for me, and really really makes me happy.

Oh, and a lot of girls who make vore stories or art get harrassed and mocked for it, by guys who like vore. A knew a girl who drew guy/guy slash vore, and was called a faggot. One, homophobia is not ok, and two, it's like girls are forbidden to have a sexuality.

That's probably what bothers me. Not the sporking, or that most people think this fic is squick. Of course they do, it's vore, the thing is no matter the fetish: if it's not your fetish it will squick you, if it is, it will turn you on. I'll be blunt about this. However, the fact this is mocked, doesn't bother me, or the fact it squicks some people. What bothers me is girls really don't get to be open about their sexuality.

I think that's wrong, and I'm going to say, I like vore, I like yaoi. I like boys with boys, because guys are hot, and to me vore is hot. To me, this story is brilliant, and I wish, I really wish, there was more like it.

Again, nothing wrong with sporking it, or hating it. But I just want to say, one person's squick is another person's turn on.
23rd-Nov-2010 11:01 am (UTC) - Badfic is bad
You can like both yaoi and vore and still have high standards of quality for your reading materiel. You can find good stories containing both without having to read something like this. The occasional typo is fine, but the sheer amount of purple prose, the lack of a spell-checker and proof-reading... It just completely kills the story.

Then again, maybe I just have a good writing fetish? I've seen amazingly written vore-based fanfics, and original works. I've seen amazingly written yaoi fanfics and original works. I've seen amazing vore-based yaoi fanfics and original works. This is a far cry from being a good vore story at all. But, hey, maybe I just have really high standards of what's good and what isn't.

And I've written both yaoi and vore, so don't think I'm just knockin' on it because I'm squicked by it. I think the idea had potential--but the author butchered it.
23rd-Nov-2010 08:22 pm (UTC) - Re: Badfic is bad
Well, I'd be interested to know what works you've found, and what works you've done. Keep in mind, a lot of the vore work I've run into is bad. Like is you look up vore stories on DA you get a lot fic like this




basically insert female name was this old, had this cup size, and is either eating or is eaten. (and these are the popular works) There are a lot of bad vore based works out there.

When I first found out I liked vore, back in 2007, I had a very hard time finding anything anywhere near good. Maybe I just wasn't very good at finding stories. But this was the first work I found that I liked, and it actually got me into the KH fandom, odd as that sounds. But I guess everyone has their own tastes, but to me not that bad seemed good enough to me.

But again, to each there own. And I agree there's no excuse for not getting a beta. If you'd link to me to what vore yaoi fics you think are amazing I'd love to see them.
26th-Nov-2010 06:44 am (UTC) - Re: Badfic is bad
Urk, I HATE when people use that basic format. And I really hate those two stories, drives me nuts. Personally, I find that the DA user GoldFox20 (http://goldfox20.deviantart.com/) has some amazingly-written works. Hell, I'll read their vore stories even if it's for a fandom I know nothing of, just for the writing. Peachnewt also has some well-written stories with vorish themes. (http://peachnewt.deviantart.com/)

I do understand, though, about DA being pretty hit-or-miss with quality stuff. I've had to wade through a lot of crap to find the stuff that DOESN'T make me want to put my head through a wall--I really hate the number of people that post stories that have no concept of anatomy or space, even given the stretches needed for vore. Like taking two people less than 5 feet tall, and when they're swallowed suddenly they make a 15 foot bulge. :| Or the people who forget that intestines exist. *cringes*

Personally, for KH vore, I like works by khvorefan2 (http://khvorefan2.deviantart.com/). The appropriately-titled "Whimsical Heartless Vore Porn" really amuses me, personally. (http://khvorefan2.deviantart.com/art/Whimsical-Heartless-Vore-Porn-183489046).

As for what works I've done, I only have one posted thus far, fanfiction for the game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. I can't say how great it is, but I can say that at least it isn't full of spelling errors, and has at least a semi-workable plot, I think. (http://shadowedlightning.deviantart.com/art/Promised-Protection-VORE-186648706) Though, I'm working to keep my vore-based DA separate from my regular DA, ahaha...
26th-Nov-2010 06:58 am (UTC) - Re: Badfic is bad
I know GoldFox and she does good things, and am familiar with KHvorefan2's works (she is pretty good). I'll have to check out Peachnewt.

And I can understand why you'd want to keep it secret. For me, I just use one DA because I hope that my vore works are good enough fic that I don't have to hide them. I even put one KH vore story series up on my normal FF.net account, and it's actually become the most popular fic I have up. So I sort of look at is as, yes I write some erotic, and yes some is fetish based, but they're still good works and I don't care if my SN is tied to them.

But I totally understand why you wouldn't want to have it all on one DA, because there is the possibility of losing some viewers. I know a lot of people who keep 2 separate DAs.
25th-Feb-2011 06:15 am (UTC) - Re: Badfic is bad
I also have two separate accounts on DA, one for my usual drawing, and the other for my vore stories. http://peachnewt.deviantart.com/ Surprisingly though the vore account is more popular.

"a lot of girls who make vore stories or art get harrassed and mocked for it, by guys who like vore."

I'm sorry to hear of such a thing. I am female and write M/M vore, but I have been lucky enough to not have encountered such people. However, I do know a few authors that make it a point to keep their gender ambiguous, possibly to deter such comments. I also know of a few professional M/M writers that take on gender neutral or male names to give their writing less of a female bias. So it's not just a vore thing, it's in professional work too.

I found a good fic recently that might interest you, very well written and one of my favorites. Professional Jealousy - http://redrun432.deviantart.com/#/d37v9k7
28th-May-2011 03:20 am (UTC)
I'm cool with all sorts of fetishes. The thing that gets me is the fact that Kingdom Hearts has no sex in-canon and is generally played by kids not legally allowed to be watching porn, let alone write it. In my opinion, KH should have no smut at all and this story would do much better to have original characters instead of Riku and Sora since they're both pretty OOC....
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